When I got an invite to attend WASParty, I honestly did not know what to expect. I acquired some very nice tops, 2 dresses, one of which was a lovely black evening dress. I also got my very first ultra-mini skirt! These were stuff I could actually wear (no, rock!) instead of those clothes that had been sitting idly in my wardrobe. And I didn’t feel bad parting with my clothes because I got such great things in return. I couldn't believe how much fun I had at the event! It felt like I went shopping for free and couldn’t wait to unveil my new clothes.
Seun Durojaiye, WASParty event June 2010

The WASParty was full of fun, I made new friends. I got a new black evening dress, a mini jeans skirt (my husband thinks its gorgeous!), a Ralph polo top, just to mention a few. The organisers pulled it off beautifully well and I believe the subsequent ones will only get better. I recommend the wardrobe swap party to ladies out there.
Yemisi Broughton, WASParty event June 2010

I attended the event with high hopes and I was not disappointed. It was a very well planned fun day with different stands ( jewelry, make up and so on). The organisers also ensured the clothes were in good condition and the manner the swap was carried out was not intrusive at all. I really enjoyed myself and would recommend the event to everyone out there. Its not just a day of swapping, but for fashion advice and lots of other fun stuff. Don't miss the next one!!!
Funmilayo Onamusi, WASParty event Oct 2010