Q: What is the FabXchange Online Swap?
A: This is the FabXchange forum for swapping fashion items online. This forum lets you swap your loved items anytime, with anyone in your country. Visit us here to get swapping and know more.

Q: What is the FabXchange Swap Party?
 A: An eco-friendly and fun event where ladies bring fashion items they no longer need or wear and exchange/swap with other women. 

Q: What can I bring to the Swap Party?
A: At least three swap-worthy items in your wardrobe you no longer wear or need. Clothing may include tops, sweaters, blouses, shirts, polo shirts, jeans, pants, skirts, suits, coats, dresses and gowns, including items from designer stores. Items must be CLEAN and in very good condition- no rips, stains, missing buttons or zippers. Items can be rejected at the sole discretion of the organisers

We also accept shoes, bags and books in usable condition. 

Q: What items are considered swap-worthy?
A: This rough guide can help you determine what items of yours are swap-worthy
  • FAIRLY USED items (worn, and still in very good condition)
  • ALMOST NEW  (worn just once or twice)
  • NEW, never worn  (with or without tags)

Q: How does the Swap Party work?
A:  In summary:
  1. Decide what items you want to bring to the swap event. Make sure they are swap-worthy
  2. Come to the next event
  3. Submit your items
  4. Mingle and socialise
  5. Get swapping
  6. Leave with new items for your wardrobe
Q: Who is allowed at the Swap Party?
A: It is a strictly ladies event. They must be 18 years of age and above. Unfortunately no men (except our volunteer staff), children, or pets are allowed

Q: What happens to unclaimed items?
A: They will be donated to a local charity of our choice

Q: Am I guaranteed to get something in my size?
A: More than likely. The more ladies in attendance, the more sizes and variety you’ll find. The whole idea is to have fun while trying on new outfits. It is a win win situation for everyone.

Q: Am I guaranteed to get something of quality ?
A: Most definitely. We preview items before displaying on our racks for swapping. We reject items that do not meet our quality standards.

Q: Isn’t it a bit weird wearing what someone else has worn before?
A: At FabXchange, we expect ladies to bring items they can give another girlfriend or are still proud of.  We ensure that all items we accept are in a CLEAN state. If still in doubt, we recommend you wash before wearing.

Q: Where can I send my suggestions or feedback?
A: leave us a comment or email us at info@fabxchange.co.uk
Q: What if I cant attend the Swap Party but have stuff I would love to Swap?
A:Then FabXchange Online Swap is what you need... take a few pictures of the items you want to swap, register on our online forum here and get swapping! 

The Swap Queens