Monday, 9 January 2012

Frugal Monday: More Energy saving tips

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We are back from our Christmas/New year holiday and we are starting our week off with a Frugal Monday post. Today we have more energy saving tips for you all. Some of this you probably know already so we are reaffirming them to you... and some you are hearing for the first time! totally cool...
Here goes...
  1. Keep the lights off during the day.
  2. Use CFL bulbs.
  3. Use nightlights that only come on when it’s dark.
  4. Use nightlights in the bathroom, so if you have to use the bathroom at night, you don’t have to turn on the light.
  5. Use rechargeable batteries for electronics and toys.
  6. Store batteries in the refrigerator. They last longer.
  7. Turn off the PC if you won’t be using it for an hour or more.
  8. Get rid of your land line and use your cell phone.
  9. Consider a family plan for cell phones
  10. If you live in an apartment, see if you can split the cost of a wireless connection with your neighbours. But make sure it’s legal first.
  11. Staying faithful to energy suppliers doesn’t pay – if you have been with a supplier for years and you get an offer for a cheaper tariff – take the leap
  12. Energy prices (gas and electricity) have gone totally mad now and you can save a tidy sum if you make sure you are getting the best deal. If you are in the UK, you can make use of “which?switch” – which is a free energy switching service. Which?switch also compares over 20 suppliers and have a simple online switching service you can use. In 2010 the average Which?Switch user saved £270 on their annual energy bill.
  13. Don't forget you can insulate yourself too - wearing warm clothes and layers can reduce heating bills - vests, legwarmers under jeans and cosy slippers all make a huge difference! And you won’t constantly need to have the heater on.
  14. You can buy special insulation sheets to put behind radiators to reflect the heat back into them. Cardboard wrapped in aluminium foil does this too.
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