Friday, 2 December 2011

11 Tips on Buying a Winter Jacket

1. A coat that is functional (keeping you warm) yet classy (making a fashion statement) will see you through the seasons.

2. A winter coat is a long term investment – go for high quality and durable fabrics like cashmere, and alpaca-wool blends or high quality synthetic fabrics

3. Make sure you really like your coat when you buy it. It is going to be worn over practically everything you own for at least a month. If it makes you feel dowdy, short or cheap, please don’t buy it. It will just make you unhappy & that is the opposite of the point of fashion! You should get something that makes you feel marvellous.

4. In the same breath - avoid coats that are poorly made – when you try it on, check the seams & stitching, hem, linings etc pay close attention to the collar to see whether it looks like it will lose its shape, & give all the buttons a good tug.

5. Buy your size – never buy one size smaller (you will be horribly uncomfortable) or one size larger – you will not be stylish or as warm as when you buy your size

source: google images
6. Choose a coat in a timeless cut in a solid classic colour – black, grey, chocolate brown, olive green or camel colour… an orange coat might be fab this year, it might not be next year!

7. A fur coat can be a wonderful option. They are exceptionally warm & chic. Whether real or faux, again, make sure it goes with the rest of your wardrobe, & remember, even if you buy faux, it should never be poor quality. Again, always spend as much as you can.

8. If you're frequently getting in and out of a car, you should choose the shorter car coat length for ease of movement.

9. If you're always getting on or off trains or buses, you'll need a 3/4 or 7/8 length coat that you don't need to worry about constantly stepping on.

10. If you walk a lot or live in extreme cold you'll want a full length coat to shield you from the elements.

11. In winter, your coat is the first thing people see, meaning that it creates the first fashion impression about you – be stylish; if you don’t find the perfect coat right away, keep looking, try lots of different places, you might be surprised at what you’ll find.

Remember – its not how cold it gets that counts, its how warm you can get!


Sherin said...

Great tips. I love buying winter coats.

SwapQueen II said...

thanks Sherin for dropping by