Monday, 8 November 2010

What eco-fabulous fashionistas did on Saturday Oct 23rd

Saturday, the 23rd of Oct 2010 was a fantastic day for fashionistas who attended the Swappers Anonymous event held at the Rock Tower, Tufnell Park. For the ladies that couldn't make it, here are some pictures to summarise the day and also to show you what you missed! ;-)

Registration desk
We collect your clothes
And check for stains, rips and broken zips

There was an Ardyss Body Magic stand
Custom Jewellery stand from Loyatobs
A desk for style advice

Free make overs with Mary Kay Stylist Edith Orefuwa
Some eco-fabulous ladies at the event
Clothes from Hawes & Curtis, Ralph Lauren, Asos, Guess
to name a few were available to swap
Get your swapping on!
Ladies waiting to try out their outfits at the changing room
Gifts were won at the raffle draw
Gifts from Esthers and Emi and Ben
Other gifts from Mary kay and Inmydreamsitwassimpler
Proud owner of new clothing items

Another Happy Swapper

The WASPartiers with their lovely volunteers

The WASPartiers- Ronke & Detola

I assure you, all the ladies at the event had fun networking, getting free make overs and most importantly left with clothes they love.

The next event is in January. You won't wanna miss it. Follow us on this blog, twitter and facebook for first hand information.

Eco-fabulously yours,
The SwapQueens


Stunnerz said...

WOW.....Welldone doubt 'twas a funfilled day! Hope you'll hold one of your events in the Midlands soon. Proud of you!

~The 'other' Funmi

WASParty said...

Thanks girl! Yes we would branch out of London soonest.
Stay blessed!