Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My WASParty Experience- Yemisi

Today we give you some feedback from Yemisi on her WASParty experience

I was invited to this 'Party' named Wardrobe Swap Party and I thought only Detola and Ronke could come up with something as radical as this and guess what, I got so excited about it because it sounded so different and original.

You see, my clothes sizes change so frequently that I have both undersized and oversized clothing in my wardrobe. It came to a point I just could not be bothered with what to do with them, then this party came up and I thought, hmm, brilliant!!!
The party itself was full of fun, I got to hang out with friends I had not seen in ages and made new ones. We picked each other's brain on fashion tips and the best part of the day- I got a new black evening dress, a mini jeans skirt (my husband thinks its gorgeous!), a Ralph polo top, just to mention a few.
Something I was hesitant about before the day was the state in which the clothing items will be, and guess what? The ladies made it clear not to bring old, dirty or scruffy clothes. They presented the clothes on racks and it was easy to browse through the items. All the items I got were in absolutely good and wearable condition.
They pulled it off beautifully well and I believe the subsequent ones will only get better. I recommend the wardrobe swap party to ladies out there.

Do you want to be a part of the next WASParty experience? then don't miss it on the 23rd Oct. Read here for the events details.

Eco-fabulously Yours
The SwapQueens

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